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Furniture Store SEO

How We Help Furniture Stores Grow Their Business & See A

5.7x ROI on Their Monthly SEO Investment

Increase Google Rankings

Get your furniture store website ranking on Google for high-value keywords that motivated buyers are searching for.

More High-Quality Web Traffic

Get more interested customers coming to your website each month.

Increased Leads & Phone Calls

Get more motivated buyers calling your furniture store to see what furniture pieces you have in stock.

You Get Your Time Back

Stop having your receptionist writing blog content or trying to figure out digital marketing on their own.

Here's What You Want To See With Your Furniture Store Website & SEO

When Someone Types into Google "Furniture Stores Near Me", You Show Up Here...

When Someone Types into Google "Furniture Stores Near Me", You Show Up Here...

Think about the way people search for furniture stores. They’re probably sitting on their uncomfortable couch, trying not to sink into the cushions while watching tv, and pull out their smartphone.

They go to Google and type in something like “Furniture Stores Near Me” – the FIRST thing to show up is the Maps area of Google called the Google Local Pack. The furniture stores that show up here get the most phone calls and website visitors.

When Someone Types into Google "Furniture Stores in [City]", You Show Up Here...

When wine enthusiasts are looking for wineries, they often use the language of “best winery near me” or “best wineries in [city]”.

The wineries that rank in the Maps area for these keywords get the most phone calls and website visitors.

When Someone Types Queries into Google like "What Styles of Furniture Are There?", You Show Up Here...

When Someone Types Queries into Google like "What Styles of Furniture Are There?", You Show Up Here...

Furniture store customers ask tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of questions into Google each day, such as:

  • “What type of headboard is best?”
  • “What fabric is most durable for a sofa?”
  • “What furniture goes in a dining room?” 

Ranking for these keywords in Google proves that your website is trustworthy and an “authority”.

People Are Searching Differently For Furniture Stores Than They Used To

Just take a look and see the increase in people searching for “furniture store near me” over the last five years. 

This screenshot above comes from a tool called Google Trends (a tool created by Google). You can see the steady increase in the number of people searching for “furniture stores near me.”

See The Common Theme? You Want To Increase Your Furniture Store's Digital Presence Online To Be Found By Motivated Wine Connoisseurs.

Essentially, you want more motivated buyers in your area to know that you exist. Whenever they do a Google search online around furniture stores, you want to show up above your competitors.

How Do You Get Tangible Results With Furniture Store SEO Services?

Step 1: Comprehensive SEO Audit

Most SEO companies miss this step, and it’s the most important one.

We recommend doing a comprehensive SEO audit. Why? Well, how can you get to where you want to be if you don’t know where you are now?

The audit will determine your:

  • Current SEO performance
  • Current SEO errors
  • What your local competitors are doing
  • Technical SEO performance
  • And more

Step 2: Local SEO Visibility Audit

The goal for furniture store SEO is to increase your “local visibility,” in Google searches.

We use robust and powerful third-party tools to run an “SEO visibility test” on your business. This allows us to see how visible your business is on Google.

The report looks like this:

Step 3: Create a Roadmap Based on Data

We now have plenty of data from the SEO audit and the local SEO visibility audit. 

SEO for furniture stores should be strategized based on this data. Most other SEO companies don’t use this data to guide their strategy and just assume something will work along the way.

We recommend creating a comprehensive roadmap based on the data. If the data shows that your website speed is very slow (which is negatively impacting performance), you should prioritize that as the first thing to fix!

Step 4: Implement Highest Priority Changes First

This is where it gets interesting.

Not all SEO activities are created equal.

Adding internal links on a blog post from 2016 won’t make as much of a difference as optimizing the content on your homepage.

So, according to the data, you should be targeting the “low hanging fruit” opportunities first.

You don’t have a Google My Business set up for your furniture store? You should probably make one! You don’t have pages set up for the different categories of furniture? You should probably build those first before worrying about the images on your About Us page.

Step 5: Local SEO Best Practices & Content Creation at Scale

Local SEO for furniture stores comes down to the following:

  • Consistent information that Google trusts
  • Authority
  • Accurate information

If your website has a different phone number than what’s listed on your Facebook page, that’s going to make your business look untrustworthy to Google.

Why would Google rank a business that a user might not even be able to get ahold of if they tried to call?

It’s critical to have consistent NAPs on high-authority directories across the internet.

Now, back to “authority”. That’s where content shines. If you create content that answers your target audience’s questions, Google will see your business as more authoritative than a furniture store that doesn’t answer any questions and has little content on their site.

Step 6: Meticulously Track Data

The goal of SEO is to have a tangible impact on your furniture store. To increase website visitors. To increase your phone calls. And to ultimately have those activities lead to increased revenue. 

To ensure your SEO campaign is performing successfully, you have to track data. Build a comprehensive dashboard that gives insights into your:

  • keyword rankings
  • website visitors
  • phone calls
  • and other important KPIs

Furniture Store SEO Services Shouldn't Be 🍪 Cutter - Everything Is 100% Customized To Your Business

Furniture store SEO isn’t the same as other types of SEO. Unfortunately, many other SEO companies treat it just like any other industry, using the same “tips and tricks” and thinking it’ll work with furniture stores. That’s not the most effective strategy.

We treat your business as unique. We take an individualized approach to:

  • Your specific industry (such as furniture stores)
  • Your specific city (Dallas might be different than a smaller town in Georgia), and
  • Your specific website (is your website built on WordPress or Squarespace).

5 Tactical Local SEO Strategies for Furniture Stores

Strategy 1: Google My Business Optimizations

This is an example of a furniture store’s Google My Business:

This is what someone searching on Google would see on a Google My Business profile.

But wait…

Why do Google My Businesses matter for furniture stores? Google My Business profiles are relevant and important ranking factors in order to rank in the Google Local Pack. Here’s a quick example of the Google Local Pack when searching for “furniture store portland”:

Optimizing your Google My Business helps you get found there ☝️

And when you rank in the Google Local Pack, you get more phone calls and website traffic than your competitors. You WIN.

So, how do you go about optimizing your Google My Business properly in order to get found in the Google Local Pack?

One word: Comprehensiveness.

Providing as comprehensive information as possible is the best way to optimize your Google My Business.

There are many sections in which you can provide comprehensive information, such as:

  • Your categories
  • Your photos
  • Your main description
  • Your services
  • Your products

Let’s take a look at what it means to be comprehensive and not comprehensive:

For your GMB main description, you may just be inclined to write a sentence like… “We are a local, in-stock furniture store that’s motivated to help you find the best deal on quality furniture.”

That sounds promising, but it’s just one sentence… why not use up the 750 characters that Google gives you to seal the deal? Do you offer any deals on living room sets? Do you specialize in specific types of furniture? Do you also sell other home goods? Do you offer special financing? 

Answering EVERY possible question is how you can be more comprehensive and add value to the user (and to Google).

Strategy 2: On-Page SEO for Your Homepage and Location Pages

On-page SEO for furniture stores is just a fancy way of describing the content on your website.

This includes things like:

  • Your title tags
  • Your meta description
  • Your header tags (H1, H2, H3)
  • Internal and external links
  • Your images
  • And essentially, anything that you can put on a website page

Why does on-page SEO for furniture stores matter? Well, Google cares about it.

For single-location furniture stores, the most important page on your website (from a local SEO perspective) is your homepage. For multi-location furniture stores, the most important pages on your website are your location pages.

When doing on-page SEO for these pages, you want to implement SEO-friendliness through keywords while also providing as comprehensive information as possible to the user (and Google).

For example, instead of writing a title tag like “Jenson & Sons Furniture – 503.555.555” you can provide more context to Google by writing something like “Trusted Furniture Company in Oregon Since 1986 – Jenson & Sons Furniture.”

Strategy 3: Website Architecture Best Practices

This is an underrated SEO strategy for furniture stores. Your website architecture and your sitemap are intimately connected.

Google crawls your sitemap to understand your website architecture, which in turn lets Google understand what your website is about. 

Here’s what a sitemap might look like to Google:

A tad confusing, right? Don’t worry about it too much. Just know that Google is using your sitemap to understand what your website is about (which is really important for local SEO).

The main point is that your website structure should make sense hierarchically. Let’s use two common pieces of furniture that furniture stores offer – 1) sectionals and 2) living room sets.

Where should these pages live on your site? First, you should probably have a “Living Room” page that has the URL structure similar to .com/living-room/

Now, any living room-related products that you offer (such as sectionals and living room sets) should live UNDER this main Living Room page. See below:

  • .com/living-room/sectionals
  • .com/living-room/living-room-sets

This seems obvious, but many websites do this wrong. They have no vertical architecture. Instead, every page lives directly under the homepage. See below:

  • .com/living-room/
  • .com/sectionals/
  • .com/living-room-sets/
  • .com/loveseats/

With this structure, it’s not clear to Google that “Sectionals” is a type of furniture that you offer. It’s just another page on your site!

Strategy 4: Content Creation at Scale

This is where it gets fun. Buyers search for thousands of questions into Google every day.

Some are very local:

  • best bedroom sets in Portland
  • best couch selection near Portland

Some are generic:

  • Is micro suede durable?
  • How can I tell if a dining table is of good quality?
  • What’s the best living room setup for small spaces?
  • What kind of couch material is best with cats?

If you answer these types of questions through comprehensive blog articles on your site, you’ll accomplish the following:

1. You may rank in Google for these keywords that people are searching and drive more traffic to your site.

2. Google will take notice of your efforts and see your website as an “authority”. Google will think, “They’re answering all of these furniture-related questions that users are searching. They seem to know more than other furniture websites that haven’t answered any questions.”

Strategy 5: User Experience is a Bigger Deal Than You Think - Stop the Keyword Stuffing!

The old days are gone. PBN link building… keyword stuffing… all the stuff that used to work. 

Google’s getting smarter and figuring out that a user’s experience while visiting a website is important.

What does this mean for you as a furniture store?

  • Make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. It shouldn’t take them 5 minutes to figure out whether you sell dining room sets or not.
  • When writing content, you should actually offer value to the reader. Your content should thoroughly answer the user’s questions and add value to them. Gone are the days of outsourcing writers that write vague, keyword-stuffed content.
  • Make it easy for users to contact you. Your phone number should be clickable on a mobile device. You should consider online ordering with delivery options or a pickup schedule. Anything to make the user’s experience SUPER easy.

On Average, Our Furniture Store SEO Services Cost

31% Less Than Other SEO Companies

Compared to Other SEO Companies That Average Between $1.5k and $3k Per Month.

FAQs About Furniture Store SEO Services

Here are the most common questions we’ve heard.

What is Furniture Store SEO?

Furniture store SEO is a form of digital marketing that helps furniture stores increase their visibility in search engines, namely Google. 

The specific SEO strategies that are used for furniture stores vary greatly (which is why all furniture store SEO is NOT created equal). 

Strategies include:

  • keyword research
  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO
  • local SEO
  • content creation
  • landing page creation
  • PR 
  • Google Maps optimizations
  • and more

Why is Furniture Store SEO Important?

Furniture store SEO is important because it allows you to get in front of your target audience (the motivated buyers looking RIGHT NOW to find a furniture store for their next home furnishing purchase).

Think about how social media marketing for furniture stores works: People are scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and stumble upon an advertisement for a furniture store in their city. They might be actively looking for a furniture store, but it’s pretty unlikely.

On the other hand, SEO puts you in front of interested buyers looking for what you have to offer:

SEO for furniture stores allows you to show up in Google for people actively looking for a furniture store. People searching for “best furniture store near me” or “furniture store in South Portland.” Ranking for those keywords has a MUCH higher conversion than people scrolling on Instagram.

How Long Does SEO for Furniture Stores Take To Work?

Furniture store SEO can take 1 week – 6 months for you to start seeing results. It depends on several factors:

  • How big of a city you’re in
  • How high your website’s “domain authority” is
  • How long your website has been around for
  • How your current SEO is performing
  • And more

Some of our clients have seen 2x – 3x the phone calls within a month after starting their SEO campaign, while other clients don’t see noticeable increases in phone calls for 2-3 months.

But think about this:

If everyone could make a couple of tweaks on their website and rank overnight for the HIGHEST value keywords out there, like “best furniture store in Fort Worth” then the internet would be chaotic.

These things take time to work. Google purposely built their algorithms that way.

What Furniture Store SEO KPIs Should We Track?

Furniture store SEO should be meticulously tracked.

You want to know, without a doubt, that the money you’re investing in SEO is working in favor of your furniture store.

Because of that, you need to track certain metrics to ensure that the campaign is working well:

  • Keyword rankings: Are your ranking on Page 1 of Google for your most important keywords? How are your keyword rankings changing from week over week? Month over month?
  • Organic website traffic: Is your organic website traffic from Google going up or down? Which keywords are performing the best and driving the most traffic to your site?
  • Online lead submissions: Are you seeing more online leads? How are they changing over time?
  • Phone calls: Are you getting more phone calls from people searching on Google? How are phone calls changing from one month to the next?

What Type of Content Should Furniture Store Websites Have?

Furniture store SEO should include content that your target audience is searching for on Google:

How do we know what content that is exactly? What keywords are they searching?

We use advanced software and tools that give us insider information and data. We, for example, know that 390 people per month (on average) search for “appetizers for wine tasting”.

So, with that being said, we do extensive keyword research to find the topics/questions that motivated buyers have, like:

  • “What to wear to a winery?”
  • “Must visit wineries in Portland”
  • “What is a wine taster called?”

If you create content that answers these questions, then you can potentially rank in Google when people search for these.

Also, Google will see your website as more trustworthy than the websites of your competitors.

What are the Most Valuable Furniture Store Keywords for SEO?

Question-Based Keywords:

KeywordVolumeKeyword Difficulty
how to keep cats from scratching furniture440042
where to buy furniture440066
where to donate furniture360060
do you tip furniture delivery240033
how to clean wood furniture240044
where to buy patio furniture190066
where to buy used furniture near me190061
how much to tip furniture delivery160032
how to clean leather furniture160050
how to keep cats off furniture160024
when is the best time to buy furniture160042
where to sell furniture160035
how to ship furniture130051
where to buy used furniture130053
don’s home furniture100030
how to clean furniture100058
how to keep dogs off furniture100031
how to make furniture in minecraft100031
how to paint furniture with chalk paint100039
how to paint wicker furniture100037
how to prevent cats from scratching furniture100038
how to remove paint from wood furniture100043
how to sell furniture100055
how to stain furniture100044
what color furniture goes with gray walls100039
where to buy furniture online100060
who buys used furniture100053
who buys used furniture near me100030
who will pick up furniture donations for free100050
why do cats scratch furniture100046
can you paint ikea furniture88034
how to arrange furniture in a small living room88050
how to arrange living room furniture88051
how to get smoke smell out of furniture88034
how to move heavy furniture88037
how to paint furniture without sanding88036
how to repaint wood furniture88048
how to strip furniture88043
how to use chalk paint on furniture88046
what color furniture goes with grey flooring88029
what color walls go with brown furniture88030
what do flea eggs look like on furniture88033
what paint to use on wood furniture88052
where can i donate furniture near me88060
where can i throw away furniture for free near me88037
where is ikea furniture made88040
where to dump furniture88039
where to throw away furniture88039
a 1 furniture72035
do they keep the furniture on fixer upper72046
do you tip furniture delivery men72033
do you tip furniture delivery people72028
does costco deliver furniture72024
how long should paint dry before putting furniture back72036
how to arrange bedroom furniture72047
how to arrange furniture72051
how to clean grime off wood furniture72025
how to clean wicker furniture72036
how to disinfect wood furniture72036
how to distress painted furniture72044
how to make dollhouse furniture72035
how to paint laminate furniture without sanding72030
how to refurbish furniture72050
how to sell furniture online72051
how to sell used furniture72052
how to stop cat from peeing on furniture72030
how to turn furniture in sims 472033
how to waterproof wood furniture for outdoors72023
is ikea furniture good72045
what color furniture goes with grey walls72045
what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture72027
what kind of paint to use on wood furniture72051
what’s new furniture72039
when does patio furniture go on sale72045
where can i sell my furniture72037
where is lazy boy furniture made72041
where to buy bedroom furniture72065
where to buy patio furniture near me72066
where to buy wood for furniture making72042
a&m furniture59039
can fleas live on furniture59039
do you tip furniture delivery drivers59028
do you tip furniture delivery guys59032
does salvation army take furniture59051
don t sit on the furniture59037
don’s furniture59037
how much is thomasville furniture worth59033
how to anchor furniture to wall59038
how to antique paint furniture59041
how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room59026
how to arrange living room furniture with tv59045
how to clean old wood furniture59041
how to clean outdoor furniture59041
how to clean patio furniture59035
how to clean upholstered furniture59050
how to get smoke smell out of wood furniture59032
how to keep cats from scratching furniture vinegar5909
how to measure furniture59036
how to move heavy furniture by yourself59037
how to ship furniture to another state59044
how to tell if furniture is laminate or veneer59024
where to buy affordable furniture59060
where to buy office furniture59061
where to buy quality furniture59061
who buys antique furniture near me59038
does goodwill accept furniture48043
how to build furniture48037
how to build patio furniture48045
how to clean microfiber furniture48037
how to clean outdoor furniture cushions48038
how to get furniture animal crossing48035
how to get your cat to stop scratching furniture48043
how to keep cats from clawing furniture48032
how to keep furniture from sliding48019
how to move furniture by yourself48032
how to sell antique furniture48038
how to stop cats from clawing furniture48043
how to waterproof painted wood furniture for outdoors48032
how to wrap furniture for moving48032
what a deal furniture48019
what color goes with brown furniture48037
what colors go with gray furniture48046
what furniture goes with dark wood floors48019
what paint to use on furniture48044
where can i see wayfair furniture48065
who picks up used furniture48052
whom furniture48031
why is furniture so expensive48011
are you supposed to tip furniture delivery guys39031
can you paint laminate furniture39042
can you rotate furniture in stardew valley39030
do all cats scratch furniture39045
do they get to keep the furniture on fixer upper39042
how long can lice live on furniture39025
how long can ringworm live on furniture39050
how much do you tip furniture delivery39028
how to antique furniture with paint and stain39035
how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom39050
how to care for leather furniture39043
how to clean furniture fabric39051
how to clean mold off wood furniture39042
how to fix scratches on wood furniture39042
how to flip furniture39028
how to get cats to not scratch furniture39039
how to get furniture in minecraft39049
how to get musty smell out of furniture39036
how to get smells out of wood furniture39036
how to keep cats from peeing on furniture39036
how to keep furniture from scratching hardwood floors39017
how to keep your cat from scratching furniture39036
how to make barbie furniture39039
how to make outdoor furniture39044
how to make patio furniture39044
how to mix and match wood furniture in bedroom39036
how to move furniture39042
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how to paint outdoor metal furniture39032
how to place furniture in living room39051
how to protect furniture from cats39038
how to protect outdoor wood furniture39033
how to ship one piece of furniture39042
how to stop dog from chewing furniture39039
how to stop furniture from sliding39027
what is furniture39054
what wall color goes with black furniture39022
when does furniture go on sale39051
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when are the best furniture sales26046
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do it yourself patio furniture21046
how to keep furniture from sliding on hardwood floors21028
how to move heavy furniture alone21031
how to place furniture in a bedroom21049
how to protect outdoor furniture21028
how to remove furniture wax from wood21037
how to secure furniture to wall without holes21025
how to stop furniture from sliding on wood floors21028
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what is the best furniture store21061
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what furniture goes with cherry wood floors17024
what furniture store has the best quality17057
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when are furniture sales17053
when do furniture stores have sales17052
where can i buy furniture near me17062

Main Keywords:

KeywordVolumeKeyword Difficulty
furniture stores near me150000069
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